EasyRedir?s Guide to Vanity URLs

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Dundee Website Design Scotland, Whether you’re running a marketing campaign or just want to share content online, vanity URLs are an essential part of any business toolbox. Learn how to make the most of them with EasyRedir?s guide.

They’re easy to remember

Vanity URLs are a great way to increase brand awareness and recognition. They’re easy to remember and can be used in a variety of online and offline marketing campaigns.

Besides being short, easy to remember, and highly readable, vanity URLs can also help with search engine optimization (SEO). They can improve the user experience, which can have positive effects on your rankings.

While it’s important to keep in mind that a custom domain is a necessary part of establishing a strong online presence, vanity URLs can be just as effective without the added costs and hassle.

Vanity URLs can be used on print materials, on vehicle wraps, or even as a link shared on social media. They are also useful when promoting a new website or a contest.

They’re easy to share

A vanity URL is a custom link that lets you shorten the address of any web page into a few words. They’re a great way to improve your online marketing efforts and stand out from the competition.

When you share a link on social media or other platforms, people are more likely to click it if it’s easy to remember and recognizable. This is especially true for links that have a lot of numbers or characters in them.

Dundee Website Design Scotland

Similarly, if you’re using a shortened link on your website or blog, users are more likely to click on it if it’s branded with your name. A study by Rebrandly found that branded links are 39% more likely to be clicked than unbranded ones.

This means that you should always consider using a vanity URL whenever possible. You can use them for your content, email, social media posts and even in your off-line materials to boost the impact of your branding.

They’re easy to track

Vanity URLs are an easy way to improve your online marketing efforts. They’re a great tool for increasing brand awareness and memorability, and they can even help you track clicks and conversions.

Unlike a custom domain, which can be a bit complicated to setup and maintain, vanity URLs are simple and straightforward. They’re also a powerful SEO tool, and they’re available in many languages.

Dundee Web Design Scotland

They’re a great way to ensure your customers have access to the content you want them to see efficiently, and they’re a good option for offline campaigns as well.

Adding keywords after the slash in your vanity URLs can increase your CTR by up to 39%. This can be especially helpful for search engines, as they take keyword use into consideration when determining page rankings.

They’re easy to integrate into offline marketing

Whether you’re using direct mail, print ads, radio spots, or anything in between, integrating vanity URLs into your offline marketing can help you track results and improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

Vanity URLs are also a great way to connect your offline marketing with online traffic. They’re a simple, easy-to-use tool that can make your campaign more effective and help you grow your business.

Getting started with vanity URLs can be as simple as using a service like JotURL. Once you have your link set up, you can share it with your audience to drive traffic and build brand recognition.

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